HELP !!!!! (I need some!)

OK, my daughter Sarita and her friend last night watched Parents Trap @ this free movies site, Nabolister . They obviously watched it eith Sarita's friend log in, as when today we tried to watch the old version of HairSpray, nothing happened.

We have to log in, I said. So we had to register. First the email address for the validation was wrong, as it's kind of invisible, I didnt realised I wrote the email twice in the same space. So we went in again and correct it.

No validation mail.

So we changed the user name and gave another mail addy we have…. and same: no vvalidation mail. Now we clicked resend couple of times (at it keeps telling us if we didnt recieve or cant find it, to resend) but still, nothing happens….

Do any of you guys know what this could be?

Or what we can do to watch movies?

I hope so….

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