a big Thank You to MusicChick2…..


the summer one….

…who posted a link to this, and I'm having lots of fun.. 🙂

If anyone here has used it and got the grip, ould you please tell me if it's possible to print from those pages?

So, MusicChick , my darling, Thanks, Thanks and more Thanks!!!!

You can get your own fun Here , if you didnt read MusicChick2's post.

So here are my *creations*, though I'm not very good yet, as it keeps telling me to save it, I have trouble to find stuff, even to get from the scrap creator to the main pages, stuff like that, you know, which should be simple but my oblivious brain doesnt want to wake up for…. 🙂

I will get better, though….



The LondonEye one…..


and my first one…

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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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