The parenting thing….

..which I have allways manteined it gets easier as they (she) grow up, may not be the case now that they (she) enter the teenage years….even for people like me, who can be proud to anounce that have made friends with their children.

I know a lot of it has to do with society and the era we live, more than our skills or defect as parents, educators….but it's a bit of a  painfull process, I'm learning.

I was very upset this morning (or lunch time, as we didnt wake up till like 11:30), and came here to write. But I started reading my neighbors and had a good laugh, so now I dont wanna loose the feeling of laughter. So I ll may come and extend on this thought later.

Instead of writing, I went and updated my scrapblog.


my baby

There s a post into the Explore thing which explains how to post these stuff into Flickr, but I cant read it. I dont think we can print at Flickr from the UK anyway, but if anyone has a clue, all explanations are welcome (how to print this, even if with my own printer)

Be back later.

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