Brasileirinha….., originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.



Their joy= my joy....
and the sun came out too...
do you reckon this weather'll change?


Sarita insist, to all who want to hear (and the ones who don't) that she is Brazilian. 🙂
She has, no doubt, all the latin temper and the passionate force, the drive in life. But sometimes (who doesnt) I fear for her future, her path in life in this mad, violent and so devoided of ideals world….
Of course I cannot protect her from everything.
Of course she has to fend for herself at certain point.
Of course she can't see what I see yet.

And sometimes our tempers cross.
And sometimes we argue.
(very often, actually, more often than I would like to)
My latin friends with children tell me it's the age.
My parents tell me to look back into my own adolescence.
And one only needs to shred the word into pieces to see it:
*adolescer* in Spanish means to suffer from an illness
*Dolor* = Pain
Adolescence, the escence of pain.
La escencia del dolor….

But we are friends. I know that. I'm counting on our friendship being stronger tha the outside influence. But one has to work hard into this one. And what frightens me the most is my health not letting me.

That's why, when days like today happen, days in which I can, full of gas, get in the car and drive, go to Hampstead Heath, seeing her enjoy, run, climb, laugh. My joy.
Of course I wish I was still able to run, climb, laugh.
I m gratefull today for being able, pure and simple, to get in the car and drive there,
I'm gratefull that one day two years ago I decided to buy these funky folding chairs.
I'm gratefull that my child has friends, lots of them.
I'm gratefull that all of them seem to love to spend time with us,
I'm gratefull for my passion for photography, and
I'm gratefull for having a camera.
I'm gratefull for the strenght to cook dinner.
I'm gratefull coz Karlinha called us.
I'm gratefull for being here, at 01:26 am, still smiling.
I'm gratefull for my child sleepling smile…..

The glass is, most of the time, half full.

A great day.

All the photos are in Flickr in original size…. (and I'm so very proud of them!)

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2 Responses to Brasileirinha…..

  1. huevon says:

    I hope she's grateful.

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