Vox Hunt: The Joy of Matrimony

Show us a great wedding photo.

It may not be a great picture (I had to scan it from a leather bind book, and my scanner/printer is underneath my PC, so Sarita had to help) but it was, undoubtely, the greatest wedding of all, Mine!!!!! 🙂

It was a great day, in March 1994, we had 120 guests, including Andy's mum and friends who travel from the UK….


and we were forced to go up on stage (as the whole family knows what I do (or did) for a living) here is Patricio, who was my guitarist for a long, long time… I miss him, dearly 🙂


Mi casamiento gig 02Casamiento gig 03



and with this I will try my due to Simple Abundance…..

  • I am gratefull for having love present in my life
  • I'm gratefull for my friends, as I looked at the pictures to scan just now, I see my friends, the ones who still are in our lives, the ones who care for us, no matter were in the world….
  • and I'm gratefull coz I was able to share such a day of my life with them.
  • I'm gratefull for having known Love in it's most amazing dimension
  • I'm gratefull for that love lasted more than 10 years
  • and I'm gratefull for most of those years were marvelous, shared, productive, creative.
  • and I'm gratefull for from that love came Sarita
  • I'm gratefull for having had strenght to fight untill the end
  • and gratefull for having had the blessing of wise thought, which took me out of what could have been a disaster
  • I'm gratefull for my capacity to understand, if not completely able to forgive….
  • I'm gratefull for having all these memories
  • and for I can share them….

I'm not sure if I have covered the quota, but please understand that one can but try!!!

(my health isnt helpuing at the moment!)


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