My 5 for today…..

  • I'm gratefull for the Primark, Atlantic Clothing and the 99p Stores.
  • I'm gratefull for being able to manage to save enough to be able to go to the above mentioned and come out with bagfulls of delights.
  • I'm gratefull for the Morrison's farmacist, for she knows me and will give me repeats even when the repeat hasnt arrived from the surgery to them.
  • I'm gratefull for frozen and microwavable food
  • I'm (hugely) gratefull to my friends and neighbors in Vox, for coming back from a tiring day, finding all these comments, all these praises, all the encouragement and laughs to share…..even when I'm not all that good in following their blogs……

….I hope you all understand….sometimes I can sit here for hours, others I just come to read mail and download the camera's pics….but I am, indeed, enourmously gratefull for all of you being here, allways,never failing, putting a smile in my face..

So, thanks …..

London is on sales right now….I will take pics of the stuff we bought…amazing, like jeans for £3, dresses and long tops for £2, leggings for £1….. Sarita is, of course, over the moon. I m not so sure, as we inherit lots of very expensive stuff (like Armani, Benetton, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Zara and so on) from my cousins in Argentina, and buy stuff 5 times cheaper both in Argentina and Brazil every time we go….therefore having an amount of clothing that would be the green eye of many…

but Sarita's face and her grin in planning what she ll wear on the first day of secondary school are well worth it….


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