Some pervy (as in kink) pics… (open at your own risk..)

….exhibitionist, me? nahh….



2002. A club called Subway, runned by Mistresses (us, the girls) to attend any subbmissive…who were, usually, male.



2003, SM Pride, London, and Petra, the most beautifull black beautty I have ever known (up till now, at least!)



still 2003, first a munch, the other two are of Club Lash, in Manchester.



2003 clubs…


and 2004, taken by a fantastic photographer, Angelica, whom I have lost touch as she is far from London (somewhere in the UK though) We did these pics (wokka, the best boy I have ever had by my side, and I) for her to use for sale. In exchange, she did Sarita's portfolio for free….and some amazing pics of both of us, which I will post in a more suitable post… 🙂

I stop going out in the scene in mid 2004, a bit coz of the operations in my right hip, a bit coz I got tired of people, a bit for more personal reasons, like a complex relationship I needed to end, and there was no chance of me ending it unless I took my distance from it all. There was also the fact that too much kink gives you *kink hangover*…and you wanna just hold hands, go for a nice chinese at the West End, listen to country music, wotver.

Anyway, I am trying to get everything in the other PC ready for when I buy an external hard drive, came upon these. Promise will post some pics a bit more updated. And without kink! 😉

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