5 a day…..

…sometimes prooves, when you are in my shoes, something a bit difficult to find, but I keep trying. As I did say when I took the responsability, if I didnt live by the concept of looking at life through the positivity crystal, I wouldnt have survided 2003….. so here is not only my 5 for today, but also a reflection onto something that should not have happened:

The reason the net was down was our fault. We knocked the moden somehwo, and the stand by button pressed. I, (being me, the ultra impulsive, lil miss fire) thought it could be a Virgin fault, and called the free number, where they tell you to call a number which cost money, so I decided to call the free number. The status included problems to connect in some areas of Camden, and, though they did NOT mention our post code, I assumed it was their fault.

It took me until today to decided to call the paid number, where they, not only called me back and sorted the problem, but also refunded the money of my paid call.

So, moral of the story:

Not only try to look into the Simple Abundance, the littel things which can make our life more beautifull, easier by being ratefull for them, but also think a bit further before casting the first stone. It can save you anger, energy, a high blood preasure problem, you get the drift. Maybe if we all slowed down a bit in this mad, mad world, things would get better. I know it works for me….

Today I'm gratefull for:

  • My dad, who turned 80 yesterday.
  • My mum, who still finds (dunno how) the energy to work like a 20 years old girl, at 72
  • The public libraries in Great Britain
  • The creation of the Tens Unit
  • UK's free Orthodontist services for children.

See ya later…..


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