like Robbie would say: YAY!!!!

I know I cannot compare in designs or graphics to most of you people here, but there is so much of a relaxed atmosphere in Vox, that…..

…..Inspired and encouraged by my (oh so beautifull) friend Robbie , I decided to plug in my Wacom tabblet, which I bought advised by another friend, JediAndy , (whose pictures I absolutely adore, and, if I'm not mistaken, one can find on IStock). I wanted the tablet as my hands are not very steady for selecting, and I thought it could be good to use for photoshop…..only I couldnt get it to work.

With a bit of patience and listening to tutorials, then Sarita, my daughter, finding out that we actually have software (not in vain I'm aproaching old age!! lol) I have produced these:


So, this is what happens when, though you ve been to Fine Arts School for 4 years (in your youth!), you do not draw for years!!! My first attempt.


Well, not sure it got muh better, but…..


I tried for my own banner, with the software….


…and then decided that this was my best of my efforts, for today!!!

So, thanks Andy for the tip, thanks Robbie, my sweet Robbie, for if you didnt encourage me, I wouldnt have done it!!!

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One Response to like Robbie would say: YAY!!!!

  1. Pixellust says:

    Wacom tablets are nice, I have the Bamboo model, haven't used it much yet though. As for the images, nothing too stellar other than they look like hand drawn images, and need improvement in execution.

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