My pride and Joy….

, originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.

…Sarita, my daughter. And also the pictures. I have a lot more, some already uploaded in Flickr, some still to be (uploaded). This was last week, after I decided to park my car in a different place as, where I was parking, I had less to walk, but lots more to clean. Trees and birds are a very beautifull thing of nature, but they can damage your car paint work irreparable….
We park, I had the camera (rare thing these days)…and we decided to start clicking….
Like every mother on earth (or at least the ones like us) my child seems to be the most beautifull….and I'm also very proud of her, gratefull that she is who she is , gratefull that life is still giving me energy to fight for ….
anyway, if I am proud of a picture I have taken lately (which doesnt happen often, the me being proud of my images, ironic, since I have a much, much better camera) this will be the one….
If you have time to look, and like pics, have a look at the series (the ones to come are better than the ones already uploaded)

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2 Responses to My pride and Joy….

  1. brinnann says:

    She's lovely…And from what I've seen on your flickr she's a natural born model! She just seems to love the camera! You guys have an amazing relationship, closer than any mother/daughter I know.

  2. Sam says:

    Hey you! Just popping by to say absolutely no worries about the comment…we were on the same wavelength, it's so true that it's easy to misinterpret text when we have no expression of voice to tag along with it. You made me smile about age though…I'm 30 shortly and definitely no spring chicken anymore!
    Your daughter is beautiful – gorgeous name too, you must be immensly proud of her and the way you write about her shows your love. Little wonder we feel so strongly about clips like that.
    Bright blessings to you both xxx

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