Fim da Serie (end of this series)

Fim da serie, originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.

…and the end of the weekend.
Not bad, if one thinks at how it started. I havent got much done appart from reading and loading the dishwasher, but I havent got the mind set or concentration I would need to go through my (even though isn't that long or complicated) list.
It includes the practicing the video thingy of the Hazard Perception Test and other minor things (which didn't get done), but I am happier to have sorted out my argument with Sarita.
Funniest thing was, for almost 2 and a half hours this lunch time, I was totally convinced it was monday. I stayed on the phone for over an hour trying to call the travel agents, puzzled that they werent picking up (it would normally be engaged).
It was only when my mother called that I started to suspect……
*You are getting old, Mamichula* , shouted Sarita from the living room.
Oh well, not so far from the truth.
Two and a half weeks to my 49th.
The feeling of having gained a day is great, especially when the day is sunday instead of monday.
Even though we still have two weeks with no school worries….
So, that' it.
And this will be my last year on my 40's.
Half a century then…. wOw…. great, isnt it?
I just beg my physical pain to ease it, let me enjoy the next half (or whatever The Forces Which Move The Universe will give me) at least half as much of my first half…..

Good Start of the Week to everyone……




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