My 5’s, in a good mood.

I keep saying, this Vox thing is adictive. But (as MB well corrected me) it turns out to be a positive one. Not only the reading in most cases puts a smile in my face, takes me to learning some great stuff, recognising some of my life stuff which I could have never put into words of my own (but some of you people have), but there is the Simple Abundance and my commitment with the girls that keeps me still looking at my daily life with a much positive crystal.

And we all know that positive energy generates positive energy (well, most of the time)

Anyway, I'll be extending into thoughts later, but there is something on TV I want to watch in a bit, so I will come back later. Here are my 5 for today:

I am gratefull for

  • my daughter still likes to play with dolls, dress them up, create stories and all, and for she found StarDoll online, which is not as far crom creativity as some games I see some kids play endlessly.
  • My friend Marta (friends since I was 17, I was her celstine to her still husband, their marriage still going strong 24 years, their daughters amazing girls, our friendship still one of the most marvelous and treasurable *things* I have) has just confirmed they will be coming to Europe next year. Like Robbie would say YAY!!!!!
  • My mum has been to the neurologist, she is not in great danger, and she listened to me today without interrupting me or contradicting me regarding the way she should take her meds.
  • Bonjela
  • A kilo pack of frozen chicken breasts that most supermarkets sell. And the fact that I am able to get 3 different meals from it.

That's it for now!

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