monotematica y monocromatica

monotematica y monocromatica, originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.

(me being the monothematic, the pic being monochromatic)
….but still my beautifull, beautifull baby….. 🙂

I love Black & Whites. Have allways loved it. Thank God, The Forces Who Run The Universe, sei la, for digital photography.
And for places like Flickr , though I liked more the spirit of Fotothing (it was like a photgraphy Vox, people really would have chats through the pics, and I met some nice ppl there).
I am seriously looking into some technical advise on how to back up my pics…as I have thousands, spread in two PCs… not sure if an external hard drive or just discs…there still will be Flickr, I guess, in 10 years time? At least I will have some saved, if anything happens to the computers…
As for Sarita….
The teenage transformation has started. Lets leave it here for now.
I'm glad she still is inetersted in dressing paper dolls, watching the Disney Channel.
We havent done much, with the weather the way it is (miserable), and my general health in a similar (state). But I keep reading. I reckon I will be able to write crime novels in another couple of years, as it's the only thing I read these days.
I went through phases.
Horror, suspense, Sci Fi, novels, romance, philosophy, politics, drugg related experiences, real life stories, biographies, everything.
For a while I have no read anything appart from crime stuff.
I have read a lot of this guy, Michael Connelly, I love him.
back to the pictures.
I posted a few more in Flickr.
I am in a some considerable pain right now, but don't wanna take more pils as it will mean another sleepless night.
I am amazed by the huge amount of marvelous people I have found (or they have fond me) in Vox in the past few weeks.
Hey, guys (and girls) thank you.
Ya'll make my life so much better. I laugh, I think. I rethink stuff and learn. Thank You.
I will make a post totally dedicated to all my neighbors, one by one.
Now I'm gonna go read your blogs, before my back screams *bed*, and my legs refuse to get me out of the PC chair.

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