I cant believe this…..

I was gonna go read the blogs of all my neighbors. As a matter of fact, I started. This is what I do: I open a page with all my neighborhood posts. I click in the title to open in a new tab, I read, I comment, I close the tab, I go back to the one page with all the post, click on the next, read comment, close the new tab, and so on. I actually got so far to 4 people (coz in the middle of it I get mail telling me more ppl have answered to comments so I go and comment….

I made the mistake to click in (yet another great!!!) a new find from Musichick2…this post… , has taken over my amusement….. I love this. I will have a go to see if I can print something tomorrow…Now I m gonna, (really) go to bed!!!

huggz to all, hope you like this!

Sarita Brasileira

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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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