QotD: Drivin’ & Talkin’

Should driving while talking on a cell phone be outlawed? 
Submitted by Soup.  

As far as I know, it is already an offense to drive 'n talk.

If it yet isn't. Yes. And laws about people driving and talking, driving and drinking, driving and drugging should be taken up a notch, or two, or 10.

It still happens, in the UK, that someone (the last case that enraged me happened to be a British Transport Police Officer, to make a stronger point on the irony) in a £35000 (that'll be something in the line of the U$70000) BMW (which I would love to have, but don't) killed a 30 years old biker, a good guy, with a family, a whole life in front of him.

The *offender* did not go to jail. The fine was a mere £2000 and the retention of his license for some time.

The speech the guy gave to the judge in court was that *he thought the light was green*

Right then. I *think* I can park, in some places. When the fine comes, is of £120.

A bit erm *unproportional*?

Isn't it?

Yes. Outlaw the mobile phones when driving. They should not be allowed in public transport or small cafes either, the use of mobile phones should defenetly be restricted.


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