A brief update.

I haven't turned on the PC for a few days. The pain thing got even more complicated on wed evening, adding to my (not few) *normal* pains, I had been on and off antibiotics as, when I mentioned to my dentist that I had some sensibility in one of my molars, she dissmissed it as to do with the gum problem. I had to repeat the antibiotics 3 times. When I finally got to see her (my dentist) she (oh dear) realised that actually, I was right. One of my molars was completely fractured, all the way to the very root. So she took it out. Extractions were the thing I feared the most, but this girl is great, I didnt feel a thing.

Until the anaestecia wore off.

I took a lot of pain killers. We ate a lot of Weight Watchers microwavable meals (as I couldn't stand up to cook). We watched a lot of tele.I read two Michael Connelly books, I love the guy. The Blockbusters in Camden closed down.We got some DVD's from the library. We watched "where the heart is" and "mistress of spices". Sarita had Syan over for a sleepover on saturday night. We argued a bit. We laughed a bit. I was in pain. I took a lot more pain killers. I was asleep a lot. We had to go shopping for milk and bread. We ended up spending £30 quid in ….don't ask, things we could have done without, lets say. I got the Camden New Jornal, just to get even more pain by reading about the girl "killed" by Social Services and the 11 years old buy stabbed by a 15 years old.

But…..(there's allways a but) there was an advert in the CNJ. About the yearly event at the Camden Arts Centre. It was on the summer after we travel to Brazil for a few months, I remember taking Sarita, with Wokka. She had a great time with the pottery wheel. So, I thought, lets make an effort.

I took even more pain killers, made an adjustment to my antinflamatories. This morning I woke up early, though I let them sleep a bit more, they hadn't gone to bed untill after 2:30, giggling and giggling. The event didnt start till 2pm.

I had a bit more arguing with Sarita who is determined NOT to listen. Not only me, but other people. There was this animation workshop. We argued a bit. And then the barbecue (which cost me £15 for 3 burgers and 3 cokes), of course, we argued a bit more. And then when the pottery women said: You are gonna have to start cleaning up coz we are finishing and closing…… she was the only one left at the tables, despite my saying 5 (five!) times she should finish. We argued a bit more.

Anyway. I said I was gonna be brief. That's impossible, I know.

We made peace here at home. Put a washing machine on, they tidied up (or started to) Sarita's room. Sometimes I really like Syan keeping Sarita company. Others I start wondering if I should query the friendship (Syan is 14, Sarita is 11) and then I remeber that my mum teared her hair off when I was 16, coz I befriended Mariana, who was 36 and had two daughters, 6 and 8 years old. All my friends were, actually, far from what my mum would ve liked them to be. At least I know her mum, they live across the road, and she is a *chatty* girl. I dislike kids who come to our home and wont talk to me, or (even worse) wont look at me in the eye when (if you can call it such) talking.

I came to download pictures, answer mail, quickly write something here. It never happens. I will come tomorrow to get to read what you lot were up to in the weekend. I have to say, I have missed you.

To my darling friends in the Simple Abundance group , I promise to come tomorrow and make it up for the week…..

(my legs can't stand more computer chair right now…)

Ah…. my dear MB…..  … I was watching a movie with Nick Cage tonight, and there was a scene where the girl says to her friend: you want some burguers? (at home) and the friend says: Only if you have Miracle Whip! I felt in the know how then lol 😉



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