5 things…..

…which should be 50, I know. But I'm here, at least I'm trying. I know you all understand.

so, here it goes

Today (and this week) I am gratefull for

  • the education my parents gave us
  • the fact that Monica lives in Ibiza
  • the fact that Berenice lives in Barcelona
  • the Skype which makes it easy to comunicate with my friends who are living not so close to me
  • Tramadol Hydrocloride
  • Weight Watchers microwavable meals
  • the public library
  • life has chosen me to be one of those who can think through things
  • patience
  • the people I have met in Vox
  • the support that said people have been (and are still) giving me

last but in no way least

  • my daughter, even though we are walking a rocky path, and I'm sure harder terrain lays ahead.


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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One Response to 5 things…..

  1. faerie~wings says:

    Another beautiful list! I recently discovered Skype, and it is indeed a wonderful thing!

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