This is Joy…..

…to me.

I didn't do the Vox Hunt, as I had trouble in finding just one particular photograph, didn't want to end up posting my entire album colection of my child's life.

For sometime I have been thinking about this song though. I first heard it, maybe 2 years ago, in the X Factor, by a group of girls whom, though not totally my cup 'o' tea, sung it with such emotion, it filled me with joy. Last year we downloaded the Westlife song, much to Sarita's annoyment, as she reckons none of them boys are cute……

Oh well. They may not be cute, or extremely talented, but you gotta admit they have nice voices. In the search in YouTube for the song, we ve found a lot of stuff, and I (getting closer and closer to be half a century, getting more and more emotional) ended up crying my eyes out on top of the keyboard, much to Sarita's amusement. We also sung it together every time, with every clip…..

I'm not gonna post them all, there is one of a Josh Groban…is he famous in the US? it looks like,@ the Ellen show…, and then there was Michelle Kwan ice skating it [here the one crying was Sarita…. 🙂 ] but, anyway….here it goes.


I remember MB posting something of Celtic Woman (or at least I think it was MB…my head isnt right here it should be at the moment), so when I saw this, we listened to it…..Sarita also plays the violin (I was able to pay for classes untill feb this year, but she ll have free classes in school now ) so…more tears….

Then, though it doesnt seem much of a joyfull image, we found this. I have to say, I have no religion, and I am particularly weary of the evangelists though my brother became a pastor of his church, it saved his life when he was in his 20's…., I do not understand or share the division of humanity in such way, each of them claiming to have the truthfull word of Jesus….but we loved the clip, and the lady has an impressive voice….



and finally, just in case, there is the original Westlife boys. There are some very joyfull images in here, and it's black n white…which it's enough for me to like it a bit more. There is another video of them, apparently in Norway, in which they play with Secret Garden and the guy who wrote the song. Buit I like this better…


So, there. Joy.

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