5 things….

…though I'm sure I should be posting 10, so here I go:

Today I'm gratefull for

  • my car
  • the fact that I was able to drive it today
  • the disabled parking bay in front of Holland and Barret,Barcklays and JD sports in Camden Lock, which operates from 8am till 7pm (unlike the Camden High St ones, which finish at 4pm…and I'm never able to make it before then)
  • my full on voice, as, though I'm not singing proffesionally anymore, allows me to shout my lungs out to the bank's employees and a loooong queue of people,but only 2 cashiers open of the 12 they have, in order to get ourselves served and not have to stand up for ages (which would've sent me to bed for another 48 hs)
  • internet shopping (which allowed me to buy the trainers Sarita couldn't get in her size @ JD sports, leaving her totally frustrated.
  • the fact that I was able to save £11 by buying online.
  • the Barraco Brazilian restaurant in Chalk Farm
  • the fact that I can still eat a feijoada without having a heart attack on the spot.
  • the marvel and warmth of the girls at the Barraco
  • having money to pay for late lunch for Sarita and myself at the Barraco

Until today I m having difficulty to remember which of the girls invited me to this group, so, whoever you are, Thank you, from my heart. Today could've been a dreadfull day, but both Sarita and I kept using the being gratefull for something every time something horrible happened…..it ended up being a great afternoon out. Your invite to this group has forced me to do daily something that, though I had done often in the past (even have posted stuff about), was not present every day.

You have helped our lives to get much, much better.

Thank You.




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