A few questions about Flickr

You will excuse my ignorance. But I could use a bit of help here.

When one has a Pro account in Flickr (or any account, I just happen to have upgraded coz my cousins paid for it, so my family can see Sarita all the time)

Can people just click like Save picture as  and have it?  if so, is there a way to stop that?

When one puts the pics in the map, it keeps telling you if you are sure you dont want to make it a more precise location….if you do (put the pics in a very, very precise location) can others also see that very precise location?

and here is something I made earlier in SmileBox….


Sarita’s magic Show


Now I'm really, really going to sleep!!!

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One Response to A few questions about Flickr

  1. dee says:

    when you're signed in to flickr, up in the top right corner it will say signed in as [your user name], click there. It should take you to the 'Your account' page. You'll be on the Personal Information tab to start. Click 'Privacy & Permissions'. The first section will be 'Global settings', and the first setting is 'Who can download your photos'. It will show you your current setting, and to the far right you'll see edit. click there. It'll say 'Who can download your photos?' and give you the options for: Only You, Your Friends and/or Family, Your Contacts, Any Flickr User, and Anyone (Recommended). Choose the option you like best, and save. Hope that helps!

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