Very different 5 things…..

Obssesive Mother’s Presents:

I have been trying to lower the anger and frustration that loosing the (kilometric) post I wrote this afternoon caused me, in vain. There was also the fact that my (precious) daughter has been pushing her limits all day, I had to raise my voice, my kettle suddenly stopped working, you know, all those delights of daily living.

In the process (of trying to lower my anger and frustration) I produced this slide show, from the SmileBox, which is a good thing, even paying for it,and it works out less than 2 quid a month.

In the post I lost earlier, I was talking about how, through MichelleSolange , I met Dave Birdsall , they recorded together the most amazing piece, Dave in Spain, Michelle in Canada. Dave posted something about the Disability Discrimination Act here in the UK, and me being me, after a long and difficult day last night, went on a rant about it. Dave replied to me so beautifully, and even posted explaining the DDA later….so I wanted all of you to, not only listen to what he has to say, but also explain the way I feel about my current condition.

I will try at some point, but, even if you aren't in the UK, even if you are not disabled, should read what Dave has to say…. and thanks Dave for your wonderfull words….I don't know if I am all that anymore, but one can but try 🙂

Now my 5 different things, 5 things that really, really anger me:

  • Not knowing a bit more about computers
  • People who judge
  • Selfishness
  • Hypocresy
  • My daughter's inability to understand the word NO

I am not less angry than earlier. My back hurts. I want to lay down but I am so full of negative energy that I don't think it will do me any good. I m gonna try to have a bath. Ay Ay Ay…… 

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One Response to Very different 5 things…..

  1. Nightfly says:

    I just had a look at your slideshow. So, you're going to unleash this lovely creature on an unspecting male populace? Heartless, you are. Simply heartless!! 🙂
    I would give anything to have those pores…or should I say, the lack thereof.
    Priceless, Peel.

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