…politics and football are not things we argue about. This was a phrase you would hear a lot in Brazil's 70's & 80's.

I grew up and in a multi-religious family (my parents were born in Syria, there are Jews, Catholic Apostolic Romans, Christians (as in Evangelist, in the UK I hear them called *born again*), Muslims and the ones who completely refused to follow any of them.

My dad always talked to us about how actions speak louder than words, made a point of showing us why he wouldn't follow any of the religions, how to respect traditions and beliefs, and above all, showed us how all these religions said same things, worshiped same way, only different variants of one thing. He would talk to us about Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and told us how he saw his part in the world. It didnt include church/sinagoge/musk attending.

My mum is a whole different story, she kinds of worries a lot about what other people (meaning family and close friends) would think. Not in a bad way, but is, as I said, a whole different story, (and quiet a long one) so I leave it for another day.

Now, me, I, YoursTrully…… I really really dislike any form of organized religion. I see the catholic church, the traditional jews and the muslims as something that worked thousand years ago….but got stucked there. I cannot understand the Pope preaching no to anticonceptionals and condoms in a world where preventing a pregnancy means, in a lot of cases, preventing a life of misery, hunger,you know the story. I cannot understand why the jews would go up the stairs even if they live in the 16th floor on a saturday, as is shabbat, you also know the story here, God made the world and in the last he rested…, yes, you don't work, you rest…but wouldnt it be easier to take the lift than do all that work…. on a saturday? I m not gonna go into the muslim rules, otherwise I will be here all night.

So, as I was saying, me= not religious.

I had my times, as a teenager, when I was very interested in all things oriental, and followed Guru Maharaji for quiet some time, everywhere, lived in an ashram, recieved what we called *the knowledge* meditation techniques, think about the fact that I was growing up in the 60's and 70's, I was all flower power,my bible was a book made with songs from  Yes, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Beatles and many others. I was tottally convinced I could find God by travelling to Mexico and doing peyote, floripondio tea in the middle of the forest in Brazil, but in the middle of the way we were taking any form of farmacopea, generously helped by grass, even went to the extend to get Laudanum, as opium could be dystiled…..but that was probably until I was 20 or 21. Then…..

You know that old saying: If you don't hurry to change the world, the world will change you. Precisely. I changed.A lot. Allways with some espiritual side of things, even if that meant reading avidly Erik Von Daniken, convincing myself that the Gods were, in fact, astronauts. I could go on all night, so many posibilities I've explored. But that wasn't actually what I wanted to write about. (yes, I hear you, I do talk a lot, tend to wander out of the subject and all)

I have this huge question mark in my life… why, if I know matter of factly that I do not believe in any form of religion, that in most cases I find them terribly pushy, if I have a completely different idea of life, why, oh why, do I so much love all religious music?

And I'm not only talking, say, about the Handel's Dixit Dominus or Vivaldi's Gloria (which are the ones that come to mind now as I have been listening to for the past half hour), but things like Sister Act's songs, you know, *I will follow him* or *Oh Happy Days*, or (and this made me a target for my ex hubbie's heaviest jokes) the theme song for *Touched by an Angel*……

Amazing Grace never, ever, fails to fill my heart with joy.

And it isnt just like I like the music….nope. I absolutely love it. Maybe God does talk to the ones who write music.

Anyway, all this to come to the point. In 2002, when I discovered Kazzaa (which made me the happiest woman on earth, music at the touch of the mouse, recover all the songs so many people stoled of my life in vynil, even the oldest of Brazil or Argentina's rock'n'roll, alternative was there…) I was looking for Bill Withers *Lean on Me*.

You know how this programs work, sometimes you cannot see the whole file name, so I see Lean on Me and I click download. Something very, very different came up. Since then,I have been in love with this song. We play it in the car, top volume, and sing very, very loud. And last night I found this:


 Sarita says the main voice isn't R Kelly , he is the guy with glasses who isn't Bono… who is he? this guy Franklin? Who is Crystal Lewis? and, most important of all: does anyone know who the fat woman is? the one with The Voice  …….I'm in love with her…… 

There are even more people I don't know here, and the stage set is to kill for, I would give almost anything to have the glorious pleasure of singing in such stage (it would be cool if they lend me the choir for backing singers too..!)


This is heaven for me.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to all of you guys, for worrying, staying in touch, for so many beautifull comments and posts you have sent me. From my heart,Thanks. 🙂

I'm feeling better today, so I will come back to read a bit more later….got a lot of catching up to do, for what I can see 🙂 I'm even thinking of selling some stuff, see if I can get some money for a laptop, so I could read in bed…..oh well, we ll see .

Now I m going to put Sarita to bed, school tomorrow, and me, I have a difficult one, some interview I rather not think about, will write after it happens….

But….I will be back 🙂

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