I have been thinking, for a while, that I want to move my PC to my bedroom (again, it used to be there 3 years ago). I also would like to have a new sofa, paint my kitchen, do lots of Ikea floating shelves in the living room. Decorate the bathroom, and so on.

But I also want to do the TESOL course, and I would like to go to SouthAmerica, buy an AppleMac. Thing is…only with the money the sofa would cost, we could go to Venice, or even book a whole month holiday in Mallorca, Ibiza, or keep on and with the money for the TESOL we could go to Disney Orlando…again, with half the money for the sofa, we can spend 5 days in EuroDisney…anyway, we have no money for any of the above, so, these are just thoughts to help me cope with physical pain and stress at the moment.But…..there is always a but….

If I had to make a wish list,there are things that seem so very important, like the TESOL course (Teaching English to Speakers of  Foreign Languages), but my fears that at almost 50 years old (and totally dizzy on medication) my brain wont be able to cope…it makes me doubt.A lot. Especially because the course is a *modical* £985, payable before you start the course, non refundable if you realise you can't cope.

There is also the scooter, you know, those chair/3 or 4 wheel thingies to be able to get around even when I can't walk anymore…because that will happen, and I dont think it will take longer than a couple of years for me to get there. Which makes me want to try make the money, pack bags and take Sarita to see the world…she wants to go to Egypt, my sweet baby 🙂 Maybe because she was in my belly when we did the cruise with her dad, I was 5 months pregnant. One of the best tripps of my life. She also wants Disney Orlando…but the more I read, the more I dont like the idea. I loved Disney Paris, but it's small, and cheaper. A lot cheaper.

And why is all this in my head? Not that I dont live in planning more travelling….(which I do) But I have found these:

I have to admit, I'm not very good at writing about travelling, it takes a lot of concentration, computer skills,my back is hurting lately when I stay long writing….but the amount of info in these sites, the people, the tips…..I wish I had found all these a few years ago. Never mind.

I'm gonna go to sleep. Sarita is happy and enjoying secondary school, we havent argued dor a few days, I got Betty's visit with the twins today, I had an argument with the twit…but as I was saying, too tired. Time to rest.

And I leave you with the very same show I am listening to now (don't you just love progress when one has things like YouTube?) Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil (Gil is Minister Of Culture of the Estate of Bahia now), both lived in exile in London in the (If I'm not mistaken with dates) 60's…two big, monumental musicien of our culture. Though I have to admit I loved Caetano 15 years ago,I'm not sure how I feel about what he does now.


A tristeza e senhora…….

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One Response to Changes

  1. 3devious says:

    I've been trying to get out to LA, too. I know what it's like to want to travel and to want to buy the things you need. I want to go somewhere, but I think I should save up for a scooter or powerchair myself as I use my cane/rollator when I get tired now.
    Maybe we'll find a good compromise between living and living.

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