Sunny saturday…

…in London.

I wanted to come write everything that has been going on, in our lives, in my head,but health isn't on my side lately,my energy levels are low. I saw my doctor on friday, I should write a full page about being gratefull to this woman, I don't know where I would be if she wasn't as dedicated….

I was going to go to bed but I had to send a card to my family, so I edited a shorter version as to, even if I haven't got the energy to write and keep up with what I promise Sarita I would do (this blog is for her, after all), there is some kind of registry of our day…

Indian summer, I think they call it here. The day was beautifull.


Sunny Saturday…

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One Response to Sunny saturday…

  1. I am in the UK, woman. And the weather has been fantastic. Not today…back to normal…but a good day to do some internet shopping for our house to get some stuff to put my stuff in instead of it being crammed into boxes or overtaking all his cupboards and closets.
    I am sorry that you are suffering. I hope you feel better very soon.
    I seem to have a stomach virus that comes with a skin rash. Could I feel any mankier with it? I know it does not compare to your discomfort. But today is a good day to lay around in pajamas and make hot tea. Rest up.

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