Getting my mind of things

Life has not been treating me very well lately, but things got worse this week. I don't really feel like publicly blogging about it, and I do apologyse to all my friends and neighbors in Vox as I havent really been keeping upto date with anyone….but rather be honest than go round commenting smilies in people's blogs, when I feel capable of murder….

I do also thank everyone who has been keeping up with me, it means a lot more than you all can imagine.

this is what I have been doing right now whilst Sarita watches the Girls of the Playboy Mansion (yes, I know, but I rather she watches it with me here than me not allowing her and then she would piss off to someone elses's house to watch it in hiding from me….) Some pics from before the summer.


Little Miss Pink

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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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