You are my family now

like it or not.


Ceji gave me this idea, when I said I wasn't writing as the hood got so huge, and sometimes one clicks in *Friends* without really thinking, just coz we like what people write or they make you laugh..or, wotever.

If you are reading this, is coz I consider you someone special in my life, and you have helped me through very difficult moments….and I dont want to share some stuff with the whole Vox.

Also, you are reading this coz I am so hopeless with the computer (or Vox, not sure) that I couldnt sus the way to send a multi-addresses email inside Vox….

Anyway, that doesnt mean you HAVE to read the stuff. It just means that, next time I dont feel like sharing with the lot, I dont need to write private. It means I really, really love what you write, how you write it, and you have made a huge difference in my life, even if only worrying about us desapearing and clicking on a pvte message, or a simple word in a comment.

To all of you, Thank You


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