2s MeMe 2s

This is a post that LostAngel sent me a few days ago, I saw it but was so unwell couldnt bring myself to do this…but it stayed in my mind the fact that, though I have include some of you in the 'hood and even in the friends list (and that would be coz something you wrote or comment made me wanna know more about you…) we don't know much about each other in some cases….I would love to know a bit more, even if it sounds silly… c'mon, do it 🙂

Now, here's what you're supposed to do… And please do not spoil the fun.
Hit forward, delete my answers and type in your answers. Then send this to
a whole bunch of people you know INCLUDING the person who sent it to you.
The theory is that you will learn little known facts about those whom you know.

Subject: What are your Two's?

Two names you go by:

Mrs Peel & JBW, initials for JungleBlackWidow, I'm sure no need to explain here  ğŸ˜‰

Two things you are wearing right now:

pijamas and reading glasses      

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:
Love & Humour (and in this case I will have to add honesty and respect…but hey, it s 2s not 4s….     
Two of your favorite things to do:
travel & listen to music   (again here I would add another two which would be take pics and reading)  
Two things you want very badly at the moment:
Health (good, or at least better than now) and Money (yeah! money could bring better health, whoever says money doesnt buy happiness is not living in this planet)     
Two pets you had/have:
Liara (our cat now) and Inhaki (our dog in Trancoso)     
Two people who will answer these questions, or first to send it back:
Ceji & Sweet Misery     
Two things you did last night:
Got hugely happy & read before sleep (which I do every night)    
Two things you ate yesterday:
Home made pasta & brown bread toast with honey (not at the same time!)     
Two people you have last talked to:
my dad and my daughter    
Two things you're doing tomorrow: 
shopping for food and tyding up Sarita's bedroom (to follow the restauration and paint, in silver, of her new desk & chest of drawers..I would've given anything to have a room like hers when I was her age, I had to share with my brother!)   
Two longest car rides:
Buenos Aires-Rio de Janeiro & Rio de Janeiro- Porto Seguro   
Two favorite holidays: 
Egypt & Paris (if talking about the ones I had…the ones as would be: USA from one coast to the other, Italy by train, all the way)   
Two favorite drinks:
all herbal teas & coconut water (drunk from the coconut)   

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