Starting again….

….isn't easy, but at least I have gone through my first step. Friday I got myself together and had my first 3 hours of college.(I'm doing Journalism, this one is in Travel Journalism, in case you have missed the precious post)

 I wasn't the oldest one, a bit to my surprise, as was the fact that the room was almost full. It scared me a bit, especially as, because it was rainiging/had no petrol/traffic/no disabled parking bay free at the door/no parking spaces/no free yellow lines, I was a bit late,and, me being me, I chatted up this (so gorgeous!) black girl who did my pass and took my in the lift….but, to my relief, another three people got there after me.

The teacher (tutor/professor?) is a woman called Susan Grossman, she obviously is very, very knowledgeable, though (I'm not sure if this is just something to do with the way of teaching in the UK or the woman herself…) a bit too erm…I don't know how to describe this, I'm gonna have to come back on this one, but lets say that, for my state of mind at this time in life, I'm gonna have to make an effort (a considerable one) to go through all the way. My impression (and this is by seeing other friends of mine's courses assignments and hearing anectdotes, plus my having to fill some application forms appliying for jobs) is that they kind of expect you to know what to do, even in the first day… I know, confussing, but then that's me all over:dazed & confused: lets just blame the medication (which I did, in the middle of reading outloud the last exercise).

Something else that worries me is the fact that, when I called the lady who is supposed to be the assistant/guidance./support for people with disabilities she said the lift got to the floor, though there were 4 or 5 steps (which are actually 7) going down as you leave the lift, and then another 4 or 5 steps (which are actually 12) going up to the classroom door….I know, it wont kill me, is only once a week, and it's until mid december….but if I have a bad day and I decide to bring the wheelchair….will they find me someone brave enough to carry me up 'n down the steps?….There is also the uncomfortable chairs, but I guess that is solvable by bringing my own cousions…

……all this is crowned by the ending the day with Sarita's ice skating class, to where I used to drive and stay in the car (90 minutes + time for doing up the skates) in order not to spend more money in petrol, but (as it goes everything seems to be falling into place) coach says she needs extra training as she missed classes before summer and they are performing for Xmas…she will be staying skating 'till 9pm….that gives me three hours, time to make dinner, the only thing to be sorted is having money for more petrol…..

I just realised that I have been here for over 15  minutes staring at the screen, my mind is somewhere else, pumped full of Tramadol, damm it all (Phyllis, my Boston Queen, I so, so, so miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I m gonna try to go sleep.

Here is our last addiction, both Sarita and I completely taken by the phototherapy….(there are 3 pages in this one, which will play if you click (of course) the slideshow thingy)


My miniDiva

Oh, I just remembered that last night we watched Serial Mom, which I had seen in the movies, pregnant with Sarita…(1995) and we both laughed like 2 lunatics, and kept singing this all day today….please, do wiat for the song, this is priceless… (don't you looooooove Kathleen Turner?)



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One Response to Starting again….

  1. Hello Mrs Peel,
    good on you for starting again. by the way, I constantly visit your vox, everday in fact but I dont always leave comments, simply becuase my fingers hurt too much.
    Remember the DDA articles dear friend, use the information within the article to help you, it is the law remember and they cannot break the law. Be firm and they will assist you.
    Your photos are great to view and so enjoy the snapshots of your moments in your life.
    I hope you are a liitle better each day, and me having been to college while morphined up, I told the teacher this and she was fine with it she said she was happy that I felt I could trust her enough to tell her.
    My bestest wishes to you and take it easy, dont worry about the timescales imposed by the class.
    ❤ times 3 billion.

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