One (but big time) Thing.

Simple Abundance, so simple, that we forget. But there are allways signs, calls for attention, and mine came last night. So, if like me, you are (I so was) feeling down, low, beleiving that life is agaisnt you and all your demons come to hunt you, look inside, there is allways something there, deep in, within.

If you still cannot find inspiration, you could do what I did last night:

through this post ,I read this other post which made me feel so,so little,so moany,in other words,humbled me,big time.

If I had to update my Simple Abundance, I would probably spend the rest of the week writing, but I will go for one thing, and one thing only:

I am gratefull for the free National Health Service that the government of the United Kingdom provides me and my child (and the bloody rest of the nation + inmigrants, both legal, semi-legal and Ilegals….), it may not be the greatest thing,but is there for all to make use of.

so, there.

The Health Service. Thanks. I am gratefull, indeed.

And I am gratefull to Kirk big time, coz every time I come to read you, is either a big time laugh, or a big time cry feeling that is the most amazing thing, or is a big time lesson. I am gratefull, big time, to have Kirk here.

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One Response to One (but big time) Thing.

  1. b ë я ĸ says:

    [guilty of vox surfing] … : )
    It's usually not until I'm consumed with what others are going through that I deem my problems "back-burnered."
    Great post … and an even greater reason to be thankful!

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