Diagnosis: Murder?

…not quiet, but I reckon my good old friend Dr Sloan (Dick Van Dyke's alter TV ego, for the non tele addicts) would agree with the word as a synonimous. The actual word here is Fibromyalgia. It doesn't make a difference, though, as the illness description my GP gives me to read describes every symptom and ailment I have, but there is no treatment… and still, life goes on, I am a mother to an 11 years old child….the word per se won't cook dinner or sort the washing, pay the bills or contribute to YoursTrully's mental sanity, so….

So life goes on, and quiet full, I should say.

I do not understand how some people have a family, a job, an illness and still find time to write here a lot: I admire you, guys. I am not very fast on reading or writing, hence my absence, but as I write for my daughter to read in the future, I will try to update events.

The college course is fine, just a day a week, 3 hours, and I'm learning, though I had a parking ticket due to my inhability to comply with the 3 hours allowed in the double yellow lines with my disabled badge when it takes me at least 10 minutes to get to the course room and another 10 to get to my car, plus the fact of London's rad works, my finsing a new route and arriving earlier….my badge clock was set at 10, I got down at 2pm….oh well, writing again to the Parking authorities, I will surely be.

The wedding was marvelous, pictures will turn up here at some point, but we felt like a cover of Hello magazine, I tell you, appart from the inner smile I had all the time after the ceremony when all women (the Finish-from the groom- the Brazilian-from the bride- and the Brits and all other nationalities you can imagine) came to ask me, one by one, no exception, about my over coat…..hehehehehe bought at the Primark, for a modical sale price of 10 quid.  The outfit I was wearing under was by one of the most expensive Argentinians designers, probably costing over £1000, inherited from my darling Graciela (my cousin Jose's wife), all together an impresive result. I felt great, yes, brilliant. I don't think I had such a good time in ages, and weighting on this fact was the effort my friend Cristina (the Brazilian bride) made for us to be able to attend….. I didn't think I meant so much to her and when I saw the size of the party, the splendour of  St Audries Park, the food, the…oh well, you know. Plus Sarita caught the bouquet……lol

But that was last sunday, the 7th. This week we were totally taken by the change of our car. We got a Skoda Roomster 2, and we are both in heaven, some pictures will come later for this too.

Sarita continues to drive me insane by her insistence on wearing make up to school, I continue to drive her mad by my insistence on talking about cheap council estate sluts (I do live in a council estate, so if you are one, do not be ofended, is a discipline and educational tactic) and men who will rape with no shame, and the fact that she is, after all, only 11 years old. Nothing new here, but she has been selected in audition to play a part in a play produce, directed and acted by year 13 kids at her school, plus selected to perform in the Xmas ice skating show….which will cost me a bit of money and already took a bit of reasuring her confidence by the teachers and myself.

Now I will need to leave the computer as not only pain is taking over, but also my child is glued to Addams family on the tele, and she needs a shower with hair wash…..which wont get done unless mamichula here gets in the case.

Thanks to all of you who write to me despite the fact that I don't visit your blogs, thanks for being there, it has been really, really a major thing to me, especially this week after the news about the diagnosis.


a favour from you guys:  I'm doing the spellcheck (as studying journalism, one wants to get it right, you will understand) but I know it doen't always get it right. If you, who were born in this Shaekspeare language, can find a gramatical error, please do let me know. I don't mind if you do it by comment, or if you prefer messaging (some beautifull people have done so, and I am so, so gratefull). This post only shows *tele* as a mistake, but if you do see anything incorrect, please, do let us know, Thanks!

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