The Wedding

Crsitina & Anti’s Wedding, 7/10/07

Here are some of the pics, taken with our travelling camera,these are the ones we are sending to the family.

The whole thing happened at St Audries Park, Somerset, England, and with the groom being Finish (as in from Finland, just in case) , the bride Brazilian and an interpreter, a coach was rented for all those who did not want to drive,we left from Cristina's place at 7am sunday. 

Some people stayed in bed & breakfasts and hotels in the vecinity, family and the very close friends (like us!!! laralarala) stayed at St Audries…… this place is something undescribable….these pictures certainly do NOT make the place justice.

We came back on monday morning (same coach, same driver, defintely not same health…) but as the Finish people has to be driven to Heathrow, we arrived a lot later than we thought. Still, a journey that started on saturday shopping in Oxford St , London (something I hadn't done for years) was probably one of the most beautifull of the past few years….

If you really want to look at all the pictures (which you most defo dont have to) I suggest pausing each page to then click in each pic and click back to shrink them. Now all of you who reckon I'm so sexy will realise that I'm not all that….these are very crude, reality, family pics :)  

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