Looking for Mr Poirot…..

…..in Belgium, Brussels, one very beautifull city in Europe, we are. Sarita & me, that is, and no, we have not found him (Mr Poirot) as the city is most definetely not disabled friendly, but hey, we are in love with it,any way, get ready for the avalanche of pictures coming soon, this place is photographer paradise……a photo opportunity every step, every corner; looking up or down…… now we are going to bed, and as we still need to find our way back to the hotel, and is 19:30 hs……

Edited today, 28th/10

So I didn't realised and this wasn't posted, maybe as in a public computer I keep changing settings…., anyway, back in London now….still recovering, as my two main cronic conditions are in battle with each other, though the Twit was very nice and has not only looked after Liara but also didn't burn or flood anything (oh, he is getting so much better, pour soul) and change the bedding so we slept dreamfull beautifull sleep…. but we arrived on friday and my energy has not been enough to bring me to the PC untill now, Sarita is in the shower and I wanted to finish with the wedding pics so I could go on to work with the Brussels's ones, but my body does not seem to want to follow orders….


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