Some recipies for disaster

…or rage, which in my case is more or less the same. I have lots of very nice things to blog about, but after a day from hell I have to make some record of my annoyance regarding technology and some of the most enraging situations, which leave me longing for the past.

We all love the comfort and many of the fantastic aspects that the vertiginous growth of technology has brought us, but there are things that raise my blood preasure and bring me close to tears, and one of them is the way telephone calls are dealt with by all, private companies and governmental agencies alike.

In my times (oh my God, I sound old) one would call, and it was either engaged or someone, an actual person, would come to the phone to talk…well, not these days, nope. The automated services are here to stay,and, disasterously, to enrage me.

Your call is important to us, please wait, an agent will be available soon, … You have been placed in a queue, someone will deal with your querie as soon as possible. Sure, meanwhile, not only they subject us to the worse music created in all times, but also to their high rates per minute.

There is a lot more I could rant about, but my energy has all gone on the phone and behind the wheel of my new car (which, also enragingly, sucks a lot more petrol than the last one), I would love to come and write about Brussels (was great) I also would like to sit and read my neighbors (miss you dearly) promise to do so soon. Now to bed!

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