Technology’s great side

Though I know nobody cares what we had for breakfast, or general *uneventfull* daily life style, as I write for Sarita,I have to update. Anyway, sometimes I feel like it may not be that truthfull, that statement about nobody caring….I have to thank some of my neighbors for caring, for,even if I write for my child, it is so nice to come to check my mail and see that you popp in, leave me a little reminder, it makes me smile, I feel better…. there is also the fact that, when I need help, every time in the past few months, I had come here to post and the help has arrived, very fast indeed….so there we have the great side of technology…the one which allows us, all over the world, to be in touch and share thoughts or feelings, great indeed. 🙂

I have been busy and my mind still refuses to process info in a way in which I could post something that makes sense, I m still heavily medicated, but it seems to work, in a way in which I can deal with my body, my daily domestic stuff to do, Sarita's classes and my studies….of course the trip was amazing and a good way to kind of balance it all…but sometimes I wish I could *clean* my brain and be able to make a record of things in order, it would bring (excuse my repetitive blah blah) order to my life, well, more order. But after the Fibromyalgia diagnose, my doc has sent me tons of help, some in the form of occupational therapists, some in having offered (I got a letter asking me if I would like to) counseling. I took it, and I'm now officially on the waiting list. I may take on the Pain Clinic again, but not so sure, though they have helped me hugely by giving me the tens until when I went last…I stopped going as they wanted to put me into some meds which would require me to test my liver and kidneys every 3 months….I remember calling my dad to ask what he thought (he is a physician, with an extra qualification on biochemestry, though 81 now, he doesnt work, but was a genius in his time). His answer was for me to evaluate all the side effects of my current meds, and think it through….I did. Turn the things down then.

Today was a weird one. We had arranged for Summer (Sarita's best friend in school, they used to be together in primary till year 4, when we came back from 5 months in Brazil, her mum had taken her out to another school, and then they met at Sylvia Young (performing Arts) again, and, to all of us' surprise, there she was sitting in the same group when we went to find out the form Sarita would be in secondary….) to come over to go trick or treating and the sleep over, so I had said Sarita could not go to Portuguese class…but Summer's mum called this morning to say it would be better for the kid to come later….and Sarita almost had a fit when I said she should go to Portuguese. Oh well, taugh luck. I'm learning to be more of a strict mum in this kind of thing, it hurts, believe me…but it works.

So of I went to try to do my many tasks of the day and , surprisingly, things went as planned…appart from the fact that my (bloody) bank's system is still down (since monday, can you believe it?) so it wouldn't give us balance…still, I did everything but the very thing why I needed to get out: the cat litter, oh well (again) I will have to get out tomorrow to buy some. Cutting this story short, we ended up all dressing up, and had a great laugh, but, as we were so late, all of the kids had gone trick or treating already……I have a huge choice of sweets!!!!!  I also have pictures, but can't download until tomorrow, shame, they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I forgot how much fun one can have doing fancy dress (and what a great make up artist I am!!! false modesty has no room in my life no more either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha!)

I forced the girls into taking their make up off and into bed, finally, at 10pm. I watched Britz, which continues tomorrow, and as they have stopped giving us the new series of Crminal Intent, I decided to make an effort and write some here…I will make a bit more of an effort and see if I can write about the tripp, read my neighbors…maybe in the weekend….there is also the issue of Sarita's classes to be decided : she had been offered a place to do piano lessons at school, and, though the lessons may end up being free (not sure yet) the instrument isnt….it will cost ££££. Of course I can pay installemnts and Camden has a scheme in which we dont pay VAT or delivery….but a Clavinova doesnt come cheap…. and on the other side we have the Ice Skating which is sucking more and more money, and Sylvia Young which presently isn't giving her any improovemnts….so we started the conversation…something will have to go..I don't know.

I'm gonna stop writing now, but here is a picture from Brussels particularly love (well, it isn't actually the city, but, hey, you know where my weakness lies….I'm one of those obssesive mums lol). G'nite.


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