The way to my child’s heart…..

This is why Sarita rates Belgium better than Paris…..


Belgium's waffles, the most amazing were these, a window shop in the street leading to the Mannekken Pis ,yeah, that naked boy, and think that doing that in Britain is an offense to the Queen, the Belg's have him as a national treasure, Sarita had a laugh at his expense the whole 5 days….

One buys, at 4 Euros if you, like us, like the ones with fruit & chocolate sauce, this being expensive as you have to eat in the street, and would pay the same sitting at a cafe, but well worth the price. Needless to say, we kept coming back for more….

I would like to thank all of you here in Vox who keep mailing me, commenting and giving me support, help and thousands of smiles, and promise, I have made time to sit here this weekend and visit all … I m going to bed as my princess fell asleep in the sofa after a hard working day full of rehersals, and I had college today, but most defentely see you tomorrow!!!

but just a bit of Brussels (well, more like Sarita in Brussels, but I had to send to my family…) , had no time to edit the pics, so this is all raugh….but what a city!



a bit of Brussels


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