For the love of Music…..


Halloween Piano 10 07 (29)
Halloween Piano 10 07 (30)
Halloween Piano 10 07 (32)
Halloween Piano 10 07 (33)
Halloween Piano 10 07 (35)
Halloween Piano 10 07 (37)
Halloween Piano 10 07 (38)

…we make sacrificies.

Sarita applied for scolarship to study piano, she got it. Problem was, we have 2 guitars, a violin, a recorder, a berimbau, a couple of tamborines and some little percussion stuff…but no piano. The condition sine qua non for the scolarships to be granted are that the child must have an instrument to practise at home, so they offer some advantages to buy through Camden Music, like one does not pay VAT, the installments are worked out in proportion with the money the parents earn….like many other things in the UK, bless them, they facilitate a lot. I couldn't have one (piano) when I was little, not even as a teen,my parents couldn't afford it, no piano, not the lessons, I got a guitar instead. But, thankGod, the Powers That Be,. The Forces Which Move The Universe, WoteverYouWannaCalliT…..

….Sarita is, today, the owner of a beautifull Yamaha YDP 131, digital piano.

The pictures are not all that, as the Fuji does not take good pictures in the absence of light, Sarita's bedroom has no very good ones and I am not very good at understanding how to set the camera, but it will do for the record. She is also very, very proud of the fact that we set it up ourselves (I did give some money to next door's oldest boy, but we were hardly started and his brother came to pick him up, they were going to the fireworks, so we actually done it ourselves. Don't you just love neighborly love in Camden Town?

Buying this meant, for a start, that we have been eating every little thing we have left in the fridge and cupboards, larder and all, in order not do shopping until we have nothing left,and we will be tightening up our belts and being ultra money conscious….but if you see her face, the way she has learned the very little I have taught her….the pleasure invades my soul and I don't care if I eat beans on toast for the next 10 months…..

We shared this pleasure with my parents, called them and Sarita played for them to hear….and my dad told me how proud he is of me as a mum… mum was almost in tears….oh, how I wish we weren't so far away….but hey, technology allows us to talk many times day. I'm happy.

I know I promised to come during the weekend, but I did not feel all that well saturday, spent the whole day lying down, watching the X Faxtor and the Diva shows (oh I love Chaka Kan…. if she would have me, I would make ammendments in my desition of never marrying again!!!!) and had to sort stuff out yesterday so that when I went to turn the PC on….was too late. As a matter of fact, Sarita is srtill awake right now, so I'm gonna go *kick* her to bed!!!! 

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