Proud motherhood, electronic friendship and Britz….

……are all issues which I would love to write extensively about, but, in the absence of time and better health, I will try to resume, though the concept of *resume* in my world is still under observation. (yeah, I know, it doesn't make senses to me either). So, let's start:

Sarita did not have school today. We attended an appointment to see her form tutor, in order to make an evaluation and set 3 targets for the rest of the year, our was at 12:30. Telling you I'm a proud mum would be small words…..the feeling I had when this woman started to talk about my child's progress and general performance cannot be described with words. And yes, you guessed right,my eyes went all glassy and some tears did escape. This lady said that she is actually impressed with Sarita, and that I should be really proyd and happy with her, as she made it to the Gifted & Talented Students List….. so there. Proud Motherhood (even if it is already 10:30 pm, and I'm writing this post in bits, as she is still tidying up her room and I have to go hussle and help, shout my guts out and all…)

Now Friendship……this is a big, BIG word to me, even if it doesn't seem to have the same effect on others.

A couple of years ago, in 2004 to be precise, I decided to quit all kind of internet socialising, as I had seen the worse of the online thing and, at the time, the best had nothing to do with interacting with people. So I restricted my online activities to my photography and communicating with my family, life time friends and the few I had made online and (having met in the flesh at certain point) kept dear to my heart. I have to add that the number of the latter ones was extremely low, but then again, we know that quality has noth to do with quantity. And then, I think it was last year, if my Tramadol intake doesn't trick me, Vox happened.

I have made some friendships here, maybe not the kind that one writes with that huge capital F, but some of you guys have made a huge, and I mean it, a huge difference in my life. I cannot explain to you all how important it is for me, especially at this very time in life, to laugh outloud reading or to be able to get so much of an emotion, an admiration, inspiration, from sharing lifes, opinions, even the smallest (or what can seem small, the *cotidiano* we call it in the latin languages, the little daily things) things.

Now for each one of you I knew well why I was clicking the *include as friend* button. Being it because I wanted to share some of my more provate posts, which were o9nly visible to my friends and family, or because I felt lots in common, or because I wanted to get to know more of you, or read more…but some kind of exchange did happen.

I also did write to each and everyone when I include you in my Friends list, even if as a little sign of respect, letting you know.

But there is a type of net person which annoys me to no end: the ones who come, register, and then go on clicking everyone they seem fit including us in their neighborhood (that I don't mind) and at the same time in their friends list. They are the ones who want to promote a product, being that their music or their web or some unisex moisturizer.

These people cannot even be bothered to ask if you may be interested in their kind of music (or if you use mositurizer, wotever, you get me), and, worse of all, when they send you a post with their latest product, it wont be one, oh no, they send it 4 or 5 times, just in case you delete the one? Shame I'm sure they wont be readinf this, otherwise I could ask them, nicely, you know me….if they wouldn't mind storing their beautifull product in the rear inbox which nature has provided us all with……..

And, last but not least, I have watched the Channel 4 programm, Britz, and the stuff I have to write about the general Muslim extremist thing in Great Britain is not nice. I think I will leave it for a separate post, especially with being such a delicate subject, but Sarita's words when it finished may reflect a bit: "But, mae, if they do not like it here, if they think everything is better in their country and they think the society here corrupts their children and in their country it doesn't…..why do they come here?"



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