Technology challenged….. (please HELP!)

…people like me can have a really, really hard time when it comes to solve some problems.

I have a puzzling one at the moment. My camera is a digital SLR, Nikon D40. Pictures download into an archive, which is divided into folders, fior each time I download. When I want to edit them (Photoshop Elements) clcik OPEN and then it opens a window with all the thumbs, then click on the file one wants, then it opens, one works it, save it. When I want to download into Flickr, click "choose photos", same process, right?

Well, up until last night, it was right.

Last night some pictures disapeared from one of my folders…but not quiet…I mean, when I click to download, the thumb is there, but when it downloads, is another picture, and not even the following picture…. this also happens when I want to run a slide show on the winodws viewer… the picture is there in the thumbs, but when I click to run the slide from that one, it opens a different one….the one I wanted will come at some point up, but then, even if calculate by number which file this should be….it isn't there…

I thought it maybe was a problem with the disk, too many files, little memory left…so I did a disk clean up, and then I did a defragmentation…..but the problem persists…

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

If so, please, let me know if there is something I can do….

Thanks 🙂

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