The Simple Abundance

Among the effects of the Fibromyalgia is the exhaustion, though the pain is the centre of all, the exhaustion and the tearfull episodes are the ones I find most difficult to deal with. There is also the lack of concentration and forgetfullness, which to someone like me are a huge impairment….but then again, there is the little, simple things of my life lately so present which make me want to win this battle.

To all the Voxeres who periodically write to me, comment in my sometimes senseless, sometimes whingy ramblings, sent me videos and music you know will fill my heart and mind with delight, to the ones who have even spoken to my child, thus helping me in the not always easy task of educating her, to all of you, I Thank You. For this very simple fact of you guys being here, my coming back to all those beautifull words last friday, to my reading your blogs (though, I know, I'm not an arduos visitor, maybe not the best of neighbors) and laughing so honestly, or getting near to tears of joy with your music, your poems, your rantings, struggles or victories….this fact makes my path an easier one.

For my Friends & Neighbors in Vox, I m Gratefull.

I'm not stopping right now (exhausted) but couldn't (wouldn't) let another day go without telling you all how gratefull I am for your support….

Thanks , from my very heart.

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2 Responses to The Simple Abundance

  1. Patricia says:

    C- I hate it when I hear that you're hurting….I"ll be thinking about you and sending happy wishes your way. You're a strong woman whom I admire greatly.

  2. jodipodi says:

    Oh honey, I missed your other posts before :((
    So so sorry you are struggling with everything at the moment. 😦 I really hope things can ease for you soon.
    Lots of love xxxxxx

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