Little Cheff

I wait a lot around for Sarita when she is in classes, being because there is no point on driving back home, no money for petrol, no energy to drive, whatever, most of my afternoons are spent reading or writing in the car, but now with the weather getting so cold, I go inside places, and this brought a very nice surprise last week.

Some company called The Book People were at Sarita's Ice Skating practice rink,and not only they had amazing titles but also the prices were unbelievable. I got 2 for me, actually thinking of my friend (though his girlfriend doesn't allow him to see us anymore, but that's another long (and pretty dumb, like the woman) story) Wokka. I was thinking I may just wrap them up and take them to his place of work, but, as I said, that's anotehr story. Thing is: I bought for Sarita a collection of Art Attack books, presented in a funky bag, which I had seen at PaperWorks in Camden (the cheapest book store on earth) for £29.99. I paid the modical sum of £5. Yup. Five Sterling Pounds, amazing.

2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (15)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (21)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (30)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (35)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (36)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (42)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (51)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (54)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (55)

2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (57)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (74)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (75)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (82)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (86)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (88)
2007_1118 sarita minestrone Fuji (94)
Little Cheff

But this wasn't all, I found a brilliant one called The Usborne Beginners CookBook, with photos and drawings step by step, at £4, so I bought it for her. She was so thrilled by this one, that selected a number of recipies and asked me to choose: starter, main course and dessert. She would cook on sunday!

I took her up on this, of course. She wrote her shopping list and, though we couldn't buy the stuff until today after lunch time, as I haven't been feeling all that well, she got on with it, first time in her life cooking completely alone following a recipie. Sarita has been the one encharged of breakfast for the past year or so, as mornings are the worse time for me, but that means scrambled eggs with tomatoes,other days toasts, or cereal, maximum making porridge….having said that, I have to admit, she is brilliant, not everyone I know can make perfect scrambled eggs or master the porriidge to then topp it with sliced bananas and brown sugar, grill it to caramelize it and have my approval…… but these were all things she had seen me cooking for ages, I taught her, one day she felt able to do on her own….but still, she insisted in doing it alone. We had amazing dinner, and, of course, I took zillions of pictures of every step….which unfortunately I cannot put into Smilebox.

I was suspicious when the Belgium pics disapeared from the folder or seemed to be hiding, all this started when nobody could open my Smilebox from the wedding, not even people I had sent it by mail (which meant my mum couldnt see it, when she finally got to my cousin's…that made me fume in rage). Now, when I went to put all the cooking pics into a slide show….(the folder I had previously edited in PS, one by one, my divine pictures) the Smilebox has changed all the position of the pictures in my folder, and some of them have disapeared….so I didnt use it. I sent a customer support mail, but I doubt they will do anything, it's confusing enough to me when I read what I wrote to them….anyway….

I have some 49 pics, which I wont, of course, submit you to the torture of seeing as I cannot edit the slide show, so I will make a selection (though difficult when you are the mum but…one can but try.

Lets pray my pics wont disapear…..I am certainly NOT HAPPY with SMILEBOX!!!!!

Ok…so they have not vanished.

She is now sound asleep, here in the living room, as we have not yet return the beds to our respective chambers…I'll do that when the Twit comes, porr boy, he has been a dear lately (he still can't get things right but hey…) Liara is also sleeping like a diva, next to Sarita, I'm resisting the temptation of switching all the lights and take more pics….


I'm wide awake, still trying to get some answers as to why is it that I can only write inspired stuff when I'm suffering intensely, or when I get to bed after I have switched the PC off (yeah, I hear you, I have hand written thousands of times, but then is either I cannot understand a word I have written or my energy levels don't allow me to pass it into types, or I can't ind the bloody papers…I gave up) I have one answer to my course tutor though, and is that I probably will make a good investigative (or complaining, I'm not sure what the word in English is for what I want to do) journalist, but not sure about writing nice things about places where people get ripped off every penny….oh well, that, too, is another story.

PS: YaY!!! I have done the spell check, and had only one mistake. But we do know that these things not always work well, so please, if you spot any grammar horrors, let us know!!!!! it was like this that I learned my English. Thanks!!!!


almost there....Sarita's MinestroneIt's all gone, it's all gone!

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  1. Martita says:

    hermosas las fotos, hermosa la cocinera, y supongo que muy rica la comida! está para salir en el canal Gourmet de Argentina!!!

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