Oh dear, Darling….

Mr Darling and his lot has lost all our records, and nope, this isn't a silly games of words….you can read it, as I cannot possibly write about this……

Child Benefits records loss

The one thing that really puzzles me is: if they are on child benefit, means they have no money….why are these people so paranoid? we only get £15 a week on child benefit….but hey, anything that shows how stupid, careless and disorganized the government officials are is fine with me.

I am now going to go to bed, as it's 01:56 am, I have class tomorrow, I'm in excrutiating pain after sitting here for almost 5 hours trying to write the hotel review she asked for last week…..and I'm fumming as I got it wrong. I just checked the email one of the girls sent me (I didnt go to last class,was not feeling well) and it was a hotel restaurant review….

oh well

Thanks to the Powers That Be, The Forces Which Run The Universe, The Lord, God, WateverYouWannaCall….I'm not allowing myself to get down. I know one day, one day I ll get it right!!!

Happy Thanks Giving everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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