PhotoShop & Paul Williams….

…my latest anti pain & depression solution.

I have Photoshoped 24 folders, some of them with over 150 pics, decreased the size of the pics more than anything, see if the PC stops doing away with my images. All this had to be done with earphones, last night coz Sarita is still sleeping in the living room (I'm feeling so guilty of bad parenting, but I worry about this next week) and today coz is *hannah Montana month* and our TV seems miraculously stucked on Disney Channel…and when it decides to work in another channel…..equally miraculously turns out to be some pop music video channel, and Ferguie singing the praises of her bum & tities makes me sicker than all the meds I take regularly (which make very, very, sick!!!).

So, as I was saying, earphones. I listened to my whole WMP playlist, and, as Sarita performed Bugsy Malone @ Sylvia Young last summer, we have all the songs…I found this in YouTube, the guy is funny….


I m now off in search of some Phantom of the Paradise, which was a cult for us in SouthAmerica when I was a teen, and my fav from Williams…..

and I ve found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost cried in happiness thinking that the whole movie was there. It isn't. So I'm of to find it…..


ok, once again I'm back….

if you are interested in watching the whole thing, I reckon this guy has it…he has 10 videos, it may be the whole thing, not sure, but, just in case….hios nick is THePhantomIsMyGod……

now, seriously, I'm off….

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