Sleepless in Camden….

…doesn't sound as good as in Seattle but is nearer to the truth. I'm allowing myself another insomniac rant, so if you are not up for brainless ramblings, leave now,this wont be, most ceratinly, a good piece of writing. [I'm wondering if I ever will write something worth publishing under the influence of my almighty friend Tramadol (DammItAll!!!)] but hey, this is MY blog, and I write wotever I want…I'nnit????

I have come to the conclussion that the solution to 99.9% of my problems is money, but I have written a lot about this before, and I'm sure is the same to 99.9% of all of us here (there and everywhere)

I have a problem now (added to my many) which is that, after an hour in the computer, my spine, all vertebraes in my neck, burn. Pain, burning pain. Not nice, especially when added to the hammering in my legs after half hour, which I had learnt to dodge by moving a lot. Oh well.

This has been a weird week. Inercia is a dangerous thing when the tendency is to stay in bed.

My brain isn't answering. I know I wanted to write lots of things, but now I can't remember. Time is 4:42am, I gotta decide if I'm staying till 6:45 to wake Sarita or close down all now…

The guy who was gonna come help us connect the networking thing for the computers didn't (come). I was not at all surprised, people do that to us these days, unless you are paying (well, me, unless I'm paying). I may just read the bleedy thing and try do it on my own tomorrow, as I don't have to pick Sarita up untill 19:00hs, she has a dress rehearsal for the school play (the 6th formers, she was selected on audition, the only year 7 kid, oh I'm a Porud Momma!!!) Funny thing, the play is called : *Baden+Powell*  but Sarita tells me is NOT about Baden Powell (the Brazilian musicien OR the scouts creator) though they have scenes about Brasilia, some about J Kubichek, some about Pele and football….and Sarita has some lines in Portuguese…anyway,

I have some stuff to sew, some pieces of fabric which I, stupidly , voluntiered to stich for the Ice Skating show, will have to do tomorrow. They start rehearsing every day apart from wednesdays, and when Sarita told them she may not come thu and fri, aparently Pam went biserk and shouted at her that she could not miss 3 days (she isnt going tomorrow) and now sarita is worried that they wont let her skate. Oh Noooooo, I said, not to worry.

I am not English, Not British, I'm a latina and I'm still powered by a huge voice, which I will make work in case they do (even suggest that she cant skate) I DID tell her about the school play when they asked if Sarita could skate in the show, and she said it wouldnt be a problem. And I have paid more training sessions because of the bloody show.

I've been doing a lot of scrapblogs, now that most of the pics are smaller in size….


Sarita talks to the Squirrels

the pictures were taken by Sarita, who said they stopped and directly looked at her, not scared or anything, I thought was worth to make a record (and, of course, I'm totally addicted to Scrapblog!)


My Girls

For some strange reason, I can never take a good picture of Liara, our cat….


Total boredom

and this was last night total boredom, total inhability to even think….

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