My American daughter…..

….whom I have adopted a while ago, Ceji, the most visible spark  in my life at the moment, saved me last night, once again, from boredom, pain and depression. This girl is something out of this world, I have to tell you, and beware all of you, Brit boys, because UI will be screening on audition for dates with her. Now, seriously:

I have written many times how Vox has better my life in many ways, the main being that, by writing down and not bottleing up, I am not such as moody cow, I understand better what goes on in my head and in my life, I can be gratefull for what I have and not feel so down for what I don't have.

I have also written many times about how much brighter my life is because of the help I have been getting here, and Ceji is big time help. So, thank you, my darling, for you are a refreshing breath of fresh air in my (at the moment so, so) toxic life, Thanks for putting up with my blah blah and adding so much laughter to my sleepless nights….

Last night was one of those, sleepless, full of nausea brought by new meds, which in turn require more new meds (to fight the sickness)

 By staying up chatting on Skype but typing, I was able to get my pics done and organise a lot that was left behind, even print some pictures…. all with the support of this, my adopted American daughter, I stayed up to wake Sarita up and for a change I made breakfast, and Sarita wanted to thank Ceji too, she said she isn't sure she would have woken up just by her alarm clock.

After she left for school, I watched the news a bit (I'm determined NOT to talk about the incident with Mohammed, the teddy bear) and got some sleep. I woke up well, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and put a dishwasher on, then picked Sarita up from rehearsal, supermarket shopping and then dinner at home, I had to shower her and still, she didn't get to bed until after 23:00hs…. (my child is the kind who takes 4 hours persecussion to get in the shower and then 8 hours to get out of it…)

Now, of course, I'm falling apart, and tomorrow the ice skating rehearsal is from 4pm till 7:30 pm…so, I'm gonna go and sleep, but didnt want to go without giving Ceji a public huge huggg

Thanks my darling…. I can honestly say I am so, so proud of my daughters!!!!!!!!


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  1. They both are very special!

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