On stage with Baden Powell

Not sure if my absence was noted, but we have been very busy as Sarita performed in a play wednesday, thursday and friday. This had all to be timed with the everyday ice skating rehearsals in between, so I had to make sure I got at least a bit of sleep to be able to drive and deal with everyday life things (like eating).

We are both very proud, as this was a first in which she has done all on her own: she heard about the auditions, studied for it, was selected, later given a bigger part (when they realized she told them *I'm Brazilian, I could help….* when they were struggling with some names pronunciation…she is British though, as she was born here and her dad is British, and I was a full legal citizen at time of her birth…) The only thing she asked for an opinion about was the clothes election for the different scenes.

The performed the three days on full house, so much that the Twit (who came to see her on friday, almost didn't have a place to sit. We slept a lot this morning, had to go out to do some shopping and had late lunch (like 15:30) at Bento the japanese in Camden, and I took some time now to start editing the pictures I took. Here is some of it


Baden + Powell

Some more to come, but as Sarita is still rehearsing every day for the ice skating show and other classes don't stop, I'm a bit worn out, plus some of my own stuff going on heavily in my mind…..I had no time or energy to turn this thing on…. I promise to send back the posts most of you guys sent with the Xmas knowing each other thing, but unfortunately this holiday is, to me, anything but something I enjoy….

Lets not go into another rant about the meaning of Xmas….

miss you all

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