QotD: My Holiday Wishlist

What's on your holiday wishlist?

My original desire would be a healthy body.

That failing, I would like 10 million sterling pounds (that would be around U$ 20 million), so I could do a bit of good helping some of my friends. (I'm afraid I'm not so altruist that I would be doing charity, sowwy) That would include some of you Voxers. You are, after all, friends.

That failing (what a huge disapointment) I want this:



if she isn't available, I can have them:


one at the time, I reckon, I'm getting old…..

now, if they are not available, I would be more than happy with an old love of mine, who may also not be availbale, as, though she isnt internationally famous, she is in Argentina and the rest of the Spanish speaking South & Central American countries….


if there is still space on the list I wanna have some of the boys too, I can have him


or him:


anyway…..now I'm gonna go bed as I haven't slept for ages.

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One Response to QotD: My Holiday Wishlist

  1. My dear, we will have to share those three.. Jlo, Beyonce and Shakira. Um… just don't tell Joey. We'll sneak them into the hot tub. k?

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