Technologichal inhabilities….(and a bit about Clare)

….are frustrating, so I suppose that once again I'm taking about frustration. Not sure though, it may get sorted, but I have this problem with the Scrapblog, if I click save or in the msuic thingy too fast, it gets stucked in there, and, me being me, of course, I get anxious and start clicking the mouse frantically, which doesnt help, so I loose over half an hour work…..wotever.

So, a bit about Clare.

When I met the lot which Sarita's dad was included, I made friendship with two girls that stayed in my life consistently. One an Austrailian girl, Geordie, actually my very first non Brazilian friend in London, and Clare, an English girl. She later (after I married Sarita's dad) got together with Clem, who was Andy's best friend, played in the band too, so that made our friendship even tighter….I reckon this was the only English girl who understood what I was about, who could communicate with me.

A bit before we moved from London to Brazil (that'll be probably at some point in 1998) we had a problem and stopped talking….we moved to Bahia (northeast Brazil) she had this boyfriend I really, really didn't like, they had come to Argentina to my parents house that summer (English winter)….I thought (my parents did too) he was weird, and hey, everyone thinks *I* am weird….so…can you picture this guy? right.

I remember trying to get in touch at certain point in 2001, when we came back to live in London and I was defenetly split with Andy, but getting from Clem the message that she did not want to meet. So time went.

Clem has a Flickr (and a new girlfriend, gorgeous one) and I found Clare through it….and wrote. We talked. She came yesterday for tea. I cooked dinner. We talked, had a laugh. Luckily I was in one of my good days, was great to see her, this girl was big part of my life, big part of my heart. I'm glad we are in touch again. Funniest thing: neither of us can remember exactly why we argued. Timing. Nothing happens by coincidence.

I had a huge fight with Sarita today.

She didnt go to school, woke up feeling sick, overslept too, but she's been coming down with the bug for a few days now, and she isn't the type that doesn't like going to school and lies (like I did), so I called the school and then went back to sleep for, I thought, another half hour or so….

but she ignores what is convinient for her (like waking me up, so she can watch more TV) and sometimes it ends up in me having to get out of bed without being ready to drive, having to leave without a bite to eat (which incurrs into my wallet being raided to pay for food in the street) or just having palpitations and raising my blood preasure dangerously….the worse of all, like today: missing doctors appointments (I'm not crying so much about that one today, though, I missed the dentist…) End of the story: the rehearsal at the ice rink was off ice: they had a gas leak, the ice melted…. they may not be able to get on it 'till friday…I wonder, with only another week to go for the show….but hey, I'm not the production team, or director, I'm not even on it, I'm just a parent…. (I should stop worrying about things)

I closed the bed in the living room, we are back in our respective bedrooms…. I dream of "60 minute make over" or just pure luck in a lottery win, with money enough to decorate (well, yes, I admitt, I actually dream of money enough to buy a house in each country I would love to live in, which amounts to, I think, 6, and then decorate them…) 

So, coming back to the technologycal inhabilities: I spent almost an hour composing another Scrapblog and I think I lost it. I really, really should learn to deal with computers. I also haven't done the networking, as bloody Cheeky called yesterday to say he was coming, only to call a bit later to tell us that he had to come during the week…oh well, as I said : I am turning into a sociopath, and I'm glad about it. I will have to learn to do the networking my bloody self, which wouldnt be so bad if I wasn't hurting like I am.

I'm gonna go lay down then. Before I get even more annoyed.



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