I have been blessed with good parents. A bit mad, yes, but great, loving people who have always been there for us, and who love Sarita dearly, would go to no ends for her….I can't say the same for my inlaws, and this thing today has upset me hugely, I need to write this down and get it out of my system.

The ice has been repaired. Today they had the first rehearsal on ice for over a week. Great, everyone is happy, they will skate on ice. Tickets are running out though, they already have no more for the first performance, so I told Sarita, driving back, that we should get on the phone with her aunt as soon as we got home. There was a message on answerphone from my mother in law (who never, ever calls or comes), saying that, as she is at Liz's, she would like to see us whilst she is there. I called (was gonna anyway…)

To make a very upseting, long story short: they are not coming, not to one of the shows. Sarita is performing 8 (4 days, two shows a day). She says she has some money, from her and from Sarita's dad, that if she doesnt get to see us, she would live it with her daughter. I said it would count a lot more for Sarita if she (they) come to the show, any of the shows. See, these people think they will wipe their whole ignoring us for the whole year by giving her money for Xmas….. that's one big reason why I dislike the season, as I have said in the previous post.

I'm very upset, because I keep having episodes every day which remind me how alone I am in this city and how little help I have (unless I pay for it, I can say I have NO help at all).

I know you all (here, Voxers) are infinitely wonderfull to me. I feel highly honoured in some of your cases, as you are people with a lot more to do than coming to read my tantrums and depressive moanings,give me advice or even a nice word…… and I will bring myself to post some Seasons Greetings to you all, as you are my family at this very moment….you are the ones giving me courage and incentive….but I just cannot bring myself to it right now .I would also like to send you presents, but at the moment cannot even afford the postage to the US (as 90% of you guys are there!).

I can't stop thinking about something Robbiedobbie posted, about all those who keep telling us how brave we are, or how much strenght we seem to have, etc, etc, but don't offer to wash a dish for us….

Anyway. I just wanted to write about this,but can't even put it down into the words I had in my head, so I better get out of here and do something else before I end up murdering someone…..



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