And the show went on…..

….for 5 long days (counting wed, dress rehearsal), 5 days in which we had no time for anything but the show, 5 days in which we ate supermarket sandwiches and chips from the corner shop, in the corner of the camerins (we call them that, the changing rooms), 5 days in which (after pumping myself full of cortisone and other chemicals to allow my body to it) we run on queue, sung and shouted, almost cried (that would be me, of course) and laughed out loud….5 days in which, as if I wasn't enough, I felt so proud of my child my heart and my heart is so full of joy…..

Alice in WonderIceLand went on brilliantly, 2 shows a night, and tonight I'm just popping in, after I put everything away and the batteries (for all cameras) to charge (mine will probably be charged after I get of this computer and sleep for two days!) cleared all rubbish from the way…. I couldn't go to bed without at least saying how happy, though body-wrecked, I am. Well, we are, as Sarita went straight to bed as she crossed the front door……but , together with all the cast, joyfully went back to the ice whilst all the parents, relatives and teachers watched them amazed ….having the time of their lives. That's what I call love for the show bussiness.

The one thing which made me feel enormously proud of Sarita was the fact that, when I swopped places with one of the mums who had not seen the first part of the show (I was filming and taking pictures,most of the mums were inside helping the kids in costume changes), I saw Sarita's amazing tidyness with all her costumes and accessories….she was probably the tidyest of all, with her own method (like inserting the head band of the bunny ears into the mask's eyehole, so it wouldn't get lost), and was always ready in time….it may be in the genes, this showbizz thing…. (Maybe I could ask for tidyness at home now? nah…who am I kidding!!! lol)

I have lots of pictures ( took probably over 500, will be happy if I get 100 worth, as the lightning was really, really bad) and recorded almost the full thing (not very well though, but hey, I got that bloody camera to work, after 18 month) but gotta edit so it ll take a while for me to get them here.

Thank you, my dear, lovely, amazing American daughter, Ceji , for that phone call last night….we listened to your message when arriving after the show, and Sarita really appreciated…. 🙂 , Thank You, all my Voxers friends, for your encouragement and support. Will try to come to read and give my holiday message to all as soon as I'm in conditions to live my bed.

If that doesn't happen before tomorrow evening, I hope you all have a great –insert proper holiday designation here- !!!


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