Eating the bread the Devil kneaded…..

……….." Comi o pao que o diabo amassou……."

………." I ate the bread the Devil kneaded…."

That 's a well known sentence in the Brazilian Portuguese language, and certainly a very common one in my last few years of life. We use this to paint the picture of something terribly difficult, an ordeal of some extreme kind…..well, lets just say that I have been eating the devil's bread for a while now, in each and everything I try to achieve preluds some hard effort, terrible work and frustrations of several kind…..but I have to say, my digestion prooves to be ruled by the angels…..(or I'm extremely stubborn, for the more schepticals). We certainly ate the devil's bread before, during and after Xmas and New Year, but have, in the end, achieved, if not all, reasonably happy tasks.

We had trouble before and during Sarita's shows, the ordeal we went through to get to the O2 arena (the infamous Millenium Dome, in Greenwhich) on Boxing Day (26th/12) to see the High School Musical on Ice American tour deserves a post alone (I have it all hand written, as my health didn't allow me at the computer) and the frustration of before New Year's eve can be consider very sour bread indeed…..but we came victoriously achieving to consolidate our love as a family and have some beautifull proove of some people's love (or at least their concern with us….)

I will try to get together some energy to copy some of it later in the month, as now everything is gone and dealt with, it may be even a laugh to read….but now onto trying to go back to the initial purpose of this blog, the make a record for Sarita's future (and, of course, let you all beautifull people of my Vox's Neighborhood and Friends know what the hell we are up to, just in case interested…)

Sarita went back to school this monday gone, I started college again yesterday. I can't say right now for sure, but I reckon it will be the case of my missing my last (though Anne Robinson's bully type) tutor. Not sure this guy has what it takes to lead (and get something of) a group as eclectic and weird as we are…oh well, time will tell.

One of the most beautiful (though crazy) things that came out of this last holiday is our very first project totally together, mum and daughter in 50/50 all: ideas, shopping, work: We are changing our living room completely. We both agreed that some energy renewal was needed. Planned it, act on it and now are documenting all in pictures. It is called *The 60 days makeover* and for the ones who know the programme here, I reckon we will do even better.

Two wonderfull things came out of Vox, and I have to voice these, even shout my gratefullness if possible:

Ceji's phone calls during Sarita's shows and MusicChick2's parcel which arrived between Christmas and New Year but we only were able to pick it up after….there should have been some hidden camera to make a record of us in the car, parked outisde the Parcel Force's offices, like a pair of toddlers fighting with the boxes and the (gorgeous!!!!!) wrappings…, to you two, Thank You from our hearts, you have certainly made our holiday a much better one, as you already make our lives feel…..much, much better. I will try to post pictures of our pressies as soon as we finish with the editing the shows pics…..I haven't been 100% in health lately and we (with our makeover) changed the PC's location without finding a solution for the net to reach it….so had to wait until money came back to my wallet to make it work! (bought some cable at Maplin!)

Another project I really would like to put into practice is that of cleaning up my 'hood and friends and family…..though I love Vox and admire those of you who I see add neighbors in regular bases…..I haven't the energy, ability or capacity to follow a lot of blogs….and I reckon it will be a way to be a bit more honest with myself…..and feel better and more comfortable about what I write sometimes….

I will try post more regularly then (or as  much as health permits) and will also be able to read your blogs a lot more…..but I would like first to post all the pics (we also went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last week….in this one we ate the Devil's Bread under the pouring rain for 20 minutes waiting for the Disabled People's Taxi booking which never arrived….)

Now, to bed. Tomorrow is phase 4 of The 60 days Makeover and this involves a steamer (bought half price @ B&Q!!!!), so I better be well rested…..

here is some of what I edit from the warm up before the shows, my fav thing now, discovering PhotoShop's endless possibilities….ahhh, if only I was able to make my brain understand the concept of ISO, appertures and shutters speeds…..all these pics would be great….they are just Photoshopped to save them of my arthritic shaking-bluring hands…..but at least technology helps… 🙂


I love.....warming up.....getting better....

these are all uploaded from Flickr…..

sarita iceingskatingstill loving PS....



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